ecocoat quartz+

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Paintwork Safe:
PPF & Vinyl Safe:
Surface: All paintwork surfaces
ecocoat quartz+ is a hybrid REACH compliant ceramic coating system which merges 2 different ceramic coatings with different properties using nanotechnology to create the ultimate layer of protection with improved reflectivity, durability, and increased slick. The result is a coated surface with increased resistance against harsh chemicals, micro marring and dullness that last up to 3 years.
Kit consists of:

60 ml kit – ecocoat quartz+ base 30 ml, ecocoat quartz+ top 30ml, ecoclean precoat 100 ml, ecocoat premier 100 ml, 4 application cloth, 1 application block

Quartz+  MSDS| TDS




90% active material content and 10% solvent creating a thick film build


Crosslinks and full cures to hardness of up to 9H (pencil scale)


Water contact angle that surpasses 110° and retaining close to this angle for a long period


Creates a smooth coated surface to reduce micro marring


Improved formulation to increase the resistance of water spotting on coated vehicles

Quartz+  MSDS| TDS

Additional information

Weight N/A

60 ml

Product Data

Consumption: 30ml/car

Active Material %: 90%

Contact Angle: 110°pH

Tolerance: 1-14pH

Thickness: 0.7um

Durability: 36 mths/60k km

Temperature Resistance: <200°C

VOC: 35gm/l


Silicon oligomer: Resin

Aluminium chelate compound: Catalyst

Alkyl silicone resin: Resin

Isononane: Solvent

Silicone dioxide: Hydrophobing agent


2 reviews for ecocoat quartz+

  1. Tyler Gravatt (verified owner)

    Transitioned to IGL Coatings after using several other brands on the market. Quartz+ is great to work with and adds depth and clarity to the paint. Unlike other coatings the flash window allowed me to optimize my process. Smoother process means less stress and happier clients. I am a super satisfied customer and will be purchasing more.

  2. Kyle Lahmers (verified owner)

    Quartz +, an insanely easy coating to apply. I left high spots to test the ease of correction, they came out with ease after sitting for a while. This a very very user friendly coating. I have used just about every other one on the market. IGL provides insane value.

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