ecocoat Shield


ecocoat Shield – 50ml kit

ecocoat shield is a REACH compliant low VOC, non etching silica coating. It is a nanotechnology based coating designed to crosslink, impregnate and form a protective breathable barrier on the surface of polyurethane, vinyl, wraps, self healing paint protection films, and other flexible thermoplastics. It helps protects the film against yellowing, fading, etching and staining without affecting the self healing properties. The surface has improved hydrophobics and makes it much easier to maintain the film, especially matte surface. 
Sheild  MSDS| TDS


Kit Consists of:

50ml Ecocoat Shield, 100ml Precoat, 4 applicator clothes, 1 application block

Sheild  MSDS| TDS

Product Data

Consumption: 1ml/m2

Active Material %: 90%

Contact Angle: 120°pH

Tolerance: 1-14pH

Thickness: 0.1 um

Durability: 24 mths

Temperature Resistance: <100°C

VOC: 5g/l


Dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether: Diluent

Alkoxysilane: Adhesion promoter

Fluorine compound: Hydrophobing agent

Titanium dioxid: Catalyst

Graphene:  Protectant


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