ecoshine waterless RTU


ecoshine waterless, is a nanotechnology water based, zero VOC nanotechnology spray-on/ wipe off cleaner which safely removes surface contaminants & leaves your car absolutely spotless. It is designed to ‘lift’ dirt away while the powerful surfactants break down road grime. The added silane creates a smooth & protected finish with less dirt pick up.

Waterless: MSDS


  • pH balanced formula
  • Zero VOC. Water based. REACH Compliant.
  • Cleans your entire car without water
  • Durable protection.
  • Creates a lustrous shine and stays clean longer
  • Amazing water repellent effect


Additional information

Weight N/A

500 ml

Product Data

Dilution: Ready to use

Carrier: Waterbased

Consumption: 5-10gm /m2

VOC: 10gm/l

pH: 7


Water:  Diluent

Candelila wax:  Protectant

Polyoxethylene Cetyl:  Emulsifier

Sorbitan Mono-oleate:  Thickener

Diethylene glycol:  Solvent

Methyl sulfate salt:  Anti static

Tetrasodium Salt:  Chelating agent

Alcohols, C16-18, ethoxylated propoxylated:  Defoamer

Orange oil:  Fragrance



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