ecocoat marine is a specially formulated coating that adheres strongly onto gelcoat, polyurethane and acrylic paint. It is our highest performance coating in terms of QUV Accelerated Weathering test. Clocking in at least double of what we are able to achieve with Quartz or Poly. In line with our coating technology, Ecocoat Marine does not emit any foul chemical odour. Its carrier is a harmless mixture of ethanol and hexane. The coated surface will have an improved resistance against harsh chemicals, scratches, marring and dullness for up to 2 years.

Marine  MSDS| TDS

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Features and Benefits:

  • low voc
  • ease of application
  • special binder for marine industry

One 10 pack of ecocoat marine brochures are included with each ecocoat marine order.

Marine  MSDS| TDS

Additional information


200ml, 500ml, 1L

Product Data

Consumption: 1ml/m2

Active Material %: 90%

Contact Angle: 110°pH

Tolerance: 1-14pH

Thickness: 0.5um

Durability: 24 mths/40k km

Temperature Resistance: <200°C

VOC: 30gm/l


Silicone oligomer: Resin

Aluminium chelate compound: Catalyst

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