ecocoat trim


Ecocoat trim is the most technologically advanced product to protect your trim, rubber and plastic parts. It is a highly reactive coating that instantly forms a chemical bond on a molecular basis with the surface it is applied to and creates a hardness of 6H that rejuvenates, darkens and protects the trim from fading.


Kit comes with:

30 ml kit – ecocoat trim 30 ml, ecoclean precoat 100 ml, 4 application cloth, 1 application block




  • Full cures to 6H hardness with high resistance to scratches
  • Renews and rejuvenates faded plastics
  • Easy to apply
  • Hydrophobic properties up to 12 months. Colour retention up to 2 years
  • UV resistance and prevents further fading
  • Creates an almost dust free and easy clean surface


Additional information

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30 ml


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